Join the HypeSquad

Not already a member of the HypeSquad? You can take the test to determine which house you will be apart of.
It's simple, firstly head over to your Discord Client or Web Browser and go to your User Settings, you should then see the "HypeSquad" tab, there you can take a quiz to determine your house and join the hype!

Note: You may need to update your Discord client/browser for the HypeSquad tab to appear.

The HypeSquad

Long ago, a great evil spirit ravaged the land and almost brought an end to the world as we know it. At the moment, as if it was destined to happen, a mystical beam of light broke free from a young sage’s totem and three heroes emerged. With the combined efforts of Renwil the Brave, Urdim the Brilliant and Arame the Balanced, these heroes ended the reign of the evil spirit, and they soon faded into legends, surviving the test of time.

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The Houses

Without Bravery, the houses would be overrun by the evil.
Without Brilliance, the houses would collapse from within.
Without Balance, the houses would fall into chaos.

HypeSquad Events

You can view the HypeSquad events here.


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